4 Reasons to Choose Molded Fiber over Plastic

September 24, 2020

Molded fiber is a material that is made from various fibrous substances like recycled paper, cardboard or other natural fibers, such as sugarcane, wheat straw, wood pulp or bamboo. While it is not new to the market, it is becoming more popular. Here are 4 reasons you may want to choose molded fiber over plastic packaging.

Molded fiber prices are more stable than the volatile petroleum-based resin market; stable cost leads to lower overall cost. It is also excellent for creating any shape necessary. This can result in savings when it comes to transportation costs, particularly when compared to EPS and PE foam.

Molded fiber is also similar or superior in performance compared to foams, corrugated products, and plastics. For example, molded fiber products can hold hot or wet foods without leaking, and allow steam and moisture to escape. They also maintain functionality and structure at wide range of temperatures—they do not melt in the microwave or become brittle in the freezer. Having a competitive performance level is important because no matter the cost or sustainability of a product, packaging is always expected to function properly.

Since it is made out of all natural, fibrous material, molded fiber is completely recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, and incinerator friendly. It also can be created from recycled material! In the manufacturing process, both the fiber and water used can be recycled and reused in the future, resulting in almost zero waste. This is becoming more important as environmental factors affect customers’ decisions more and more. This brings us to our fourth point.

As plastic packaging become less popular—even banned in some areas—and consumers prefer more sustainable, fiber-based packaging, retailers are looking for alternatives. Molded fiber is one of them. As the market for molded fiber grows, manufacturers are finding new ways to make these products stronger, better looking and more sustainable than plastic versions.

With its benefits in cost, performance and sustainability, and its growth in the market which is not slowing down, molded fiber packaging may be a good fit for your business. If you are looking for molded fiber food containers or tableware, see our foodservice selection.