4 Ways to Build your Business through Custom Packaging Graphics

September 18, 2020

Think of what you serve your delicious food in as more than just a container. Take-out, to-go and grab-n-go packaging can help build loyal customers and drive additional revenue.

Using your name, artwork or logo on food packaging advertises your business with each package that walks out the door. Think about it. After customers leave your restaurant, these to-go boxes arrive at offices, malls, parks and homes. This helps build the brand awareness you work so hard to maintain by exposing more people to your brand. This means more people will recognize and remember your business when they’re choosing where to eat.

Not only does custom designed graphics make your brand stand out to the customer, they can also be designed to engage the customer.

1. Links for Additional Information

You can print QR codes for customers to easily download your ordering app, view your full menu or find nutritional information for each of your menu items. Your customers can do any of these while they eat, spurring them on into action at the time of use. This can build more loyal and repeat customers who may otherwise forget about taking these steps after they throw away the package.

2. Augmented Reality

Print a link to an augmented reality app that makes your package come alive with a fun video. For example, you could produce a video that tells a story about how your business was started, what’s special about your building or location, or how you and your team help the community. Augmented reality could also animate a logo or a brand character, making it jump off the package.

3. Connect Customers to Loyalty Programs

Print a link to a site where your customers can join to earn points toward rewards like coupons and discounts. Printing a link directly on your package makes it easy for your customers to begin earning rewards and savings. They won’t have to remember it later and will feel good about knowing they’ve completed the steps to begin earning rewards and savings.

4. Cross-promotions

Offset the cost of your packaging by offering space on the package to a valued supplier partner. For a small cost, your partners can print their logo and message alongside your branding. This extends their advertising reach to your valued customers. Displaying logos from you trusted partners also shows customers the quality of your menu. It’s also a way to tell your customers that you buy from local partners.

Ideas are as unlimited as your own creativity. Let your food packaging work harder for you. Interested in getting a custom design quote? Fill out a form here.