9 Uses for Hot/Cold Food Containers

June 03, 2020

Do you need a disposable and environmentally friendly, all-purpose to-go container?

Poly-coated, paper cup-type food containers are a great choice. They are moisture resistant, and have tight fitting lids (plastic or paper) that help prevent leaks. Additionally, the cups can hold food ranging from 32º F to 212º F and are microwavable! With their form, features and size options, they are one of the most versatile food containers. Here are 9 different types of food you could transport and serve in these containers:

Ice cream – The cup shape makes these perfect for those customers who don’t want a cone.

Soup – Great for transport and eating out of, plus the tight lids will help keep the soup from spilling.

Chicken Nuggets – Whether you’re a street vendor, a deli, or a restaurant, these containers are great for holding chicken nuggets or tenders.

Stir Fry – With the larger sizes in mind, these containers can hold a meal. Want to keep the rice and stir fry separate? Two containers will do just fine.

Pasta Dishes – Whether it’s a creamy dish or a red sauce base, it can be securely transported in one of these containers.

Salad – Transport salad with no worries of spilling veggies or dressing.

Acai Bowl – Presentation still counts! You can serve these for people to take on the go.

Fruit – These are great fruit cups, plain and simple.

Meal Sides – Other common sides like mac and cheese, rice, potatoes—mashed, wedges, boiled—or roasted veggies hold up well in these containers.

What other foods that pair well with these containers? Let us know!

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