Molded Fiber Drink Carriers and Trays: An Alternative to Plastic and Foam

January 04, 2022

If you haven’t considered using molded fiber products, it is not too late! Molded fiber is an excellent material. It is made from fibrous (often recycled) material and is easily compostable. It is a versatile medium, as it can be molded to form any desired shape. It is also strong, yet light weight. This makes it a great option for a wide variety of products. A great example is molded fiber food and drink carriers.

The strength of molded fiber makes it a great material option for making trays or carriers, while keeping them lightweight. Of course, a big advantage is that it is also a very environmentally friendly option. Let’s look at the various configurations of molded fiber trays and drink carriers available.

Drink Carriers

The most common drink carrier configurations are 2-cup or 4-cup. Quality carriers are molded to securely grip the cup when inserted into the holders. Some 4 cup carriers even have a middle section to hold small items like sugar or creamer. This is great for to go orders, drive thru, and food delivery services.

Food Trays

Classic Cafeteria Tray
These are simple trays than can hold cafeteria lunches, or packaged meals to go. The design is simple, yet effective, and is very easy to store.

Compartmentalized Cafeteria Tray
These are ideal for separating food types, and adding a little bit of security as the compartments help hold the food in place. This is particularly desirable in situations where food is served fresh, and not prepackaged.

Food & Drink Carrier Combos

Need to carry both food and drink? There are several great options for this. Drink carriers can be molded to have a food compartment in the middle, or trays can be altered to have one or two cup holders on the edges of the design. These designs are especially useful for serving at places like concession stands or movie theaters.

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