New Product: Tall Cake Boxes

March 18, 2022

Introducing Tall Cake Boxes! We are excited to now offer corrugated boxes for layered and tiered cakes. These boxes have been designed to give your cakes the best protection and presentation possible.

The tall cake box is a lock corner, 2 piece box made from B flute corrugated board, which is sturdy enough to hold a cake securely, while remaining light weight. The corrugated material also helps keep cake at their chilled temperature. It can old 65+lbs cakes, and has strong side handles for easy carrying, and locking side tabs for extra security.

These 2 piece boxes are delivered flat, making them ideal for storage, and take just a few minutes to assemble. Loading the box is simple. The front panel drops down, allowing cakes to easily slide in and out . This means you can easily keep your cake level and not worry about damage caused by lifting or lowering the cake.

We offer 5 sizes and each box has adjustable tabs on the bottom that allow for 3 different cake circle dimensions. This flexibility reduces the number of boxes you’ll need to store if you work with several sizes. Additionally, the top tabs on the box can extend the lid another 2 inches.

The cake box is white on both sides, to emphasis the cakes design and make its colors pop. However, we can easily custom print the box with your graphics or logos. Contact us for a quote!

For size details and cake circle fitment, see the tall cake box product page