Serving in Steam Pans? Find the Right Box

October 14, 2021

Perhaps you’re moving into the catering business and you are wondering what kind of packaging to use. Or maybe you’ve been catering for a while and want to revisit your packaging options. Here we will be taking a look at sustainable corrugate options for serving out of steam pans.

First, there are a few considerations:

Content: what kind of food are you serving? What size steam pans will you be using?

Delivery method: how will you be transporting the food? Will you have space for several barn shaped boxes, or will you need to stack as many containers as possible?

Serving Situation: Do you plan to serve directly out of the catering boxes? Or will you be removing the steam pans from the boxes?

Box Storage & Assembly: How will you be storing your catering boxes? Do you have any assembly preferences?

Once you have an answer to these questions, check out these styles to see which best fits your situation.

Steam Pan Transport Box
This is a 1 piece box with a hinged lid and tuck in flaps. This is a sturdy choice and there are sizes for both half and full size steam pans. You can also use it for other food options like calzones, deli rolls, and desserts.

Stackables are two piece boxes. The box has handles for easy carrying and the lids lock into place through the box handles. The lids can quickly be removed, making it simple to serve right out of the box. These boxes are designed to stack during transport or storage. They also have side that folds out, so you can remove pans while boxes are still stacked. Sizes can fit a half steam pan, a half steam pan with room for utensils or sides, or a full steam pan.

This is a great option if you want to serve directly out of the box, and have a display area for labeling food or showing your logo. The lid folds up into a display panel or can be removed at its perforated edge to allow serving from both sides. The box also has handles to make transport easier. The convertible can hold two half steam table pans, or one full steam table pan with extra room for small ramekins or utensils.

Deli/Turkey Boxes
Perhaps you use steam pans in your catering, but want a versatile packaging option for when you don’t. For this there are deli/turkey boxes. They are all ideal for transporting large deli orders or a turkey. However, they can also be used for transporting steam pans if needed, with the smallest box holding up to two half steam pans, the medium holding up to three half pans and the largest box holding up to three full steam pans. Just be sure to double check the measurements to ensure a good fit.

Barn Boxes
Lastly, consider the versatility of a barn box. These can hold stacked half steam pans or other food items as needed. However, the distinct advantage with these is the barn handle carrying style. What is even better is that our Big Barn has a patented convertible locking feature that allows the handles to fold flat so multiple barn boxes can be stacked!

Why corrugated boxes?
Corrugated material’s structure provides strength and protection for the contents inside, which is essential when transporting your goods. It also helps food maintain its temperature. Lastly, corrugated material is made from tree fibers, a renewable resource, which means these boxes are an excellent option when it comes to sustainability. Recycle or compost them whenever possible!

Have you found the ideal steam pan carrier? Or do you want to browse our full catering line? Check it out here.

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