Southern Champion Tray Launches Guarantab© – Tamper Evident, Sustainable Packaging for Food Delivery

August 11, 2020

June 26th, 2019, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In response to the rapid growth of restaurants offering food delivery and contracting with third- party food delivery services, Southern Champion Tray recently launched Guarantab©. Guarantab© is a tamper-evident package that ensures food arrives at customers’ doors in the same condition it left the restaurant. There are recent documented reports of third-party delivery drivers tampering with the food they’re entrusted to deliver. When food is compromised, customers blame the restaurant, not the delivery service. Guarantab© is fulfilling the need for restaurants to protect their customers and reputation with packaging that offers clear evidence when the package has been opened.

Guarantab© is made from sustainable paperboard with a tab lock that must be torn to open.

The tall side panels are designed with a “bear claw” edge which makes removing food nearly impossible without tearing the sides or tab lock. The original design is currently patent pending.

“Our Product Innovation Team designed the product because we saw no current packaging solution for restaurants offering food delivery and food thieves are real”, says Neha Mardi, SCT Innovation Strategist. According to Neha, “there are sealable plastic bags in the market place that carry the food packaging, but a driver can simply remove the food packaging from the bag, discard the bag and eat some of the food. The customer would not know there ever was a bag. Guarantab© is the primary food packaging, so a stranger can’t touch the food in the package without the customer knowing it was touched.”

Restaurant owners who offer food delivery can order 25 free samples to try by visiting and download a free guide to how Guarantab© prevents food theft in a sustainable to- go package.

Since 1927, Southern Champion Tray has been manufacturing and distributing quality, sustainable bakery, food service and catering paperboard and corrugated packaging, food and drink carriers and molded fiber tableware. Markets served include bakery, foodservice, frozen foods, supermarket, institutional, medical, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetic, retail, electronics, and more. Southern Champion Tray has offices and manufacturing in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Mansfield, Texas.

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