The Importance of Packaging Design

March 04, 2021

With advanced printing, forming, and molding technology, packaging design options are endless. While this gives great opportunity, it also makes it even more important to be intentional with your packaging design. Seventy-two percent of Americans say that the design of a product’s packaging influences their purchase decision, and it’s even higher when buying a gift (81%). Your packaging needs to stand out from the others and clearly serve customers well. Consumers want packaging that is easy to use, informative, attractive, protective of the contents, and easy to dispose of.

Consumers want personalized and transparent information. They are looking for brands they can trust. Not only can this be done with physical package, but print on packaging can connect consumers to digital resources about the product and brand as well.


More and more, consumers care about the effect packaging has on the environment. Sixty-seven percent say the material used effects their buying decision. Fiber based packaging is an excellent material as it comes from a renewable resource. Consumers think of it as more environmentally friendly too, with 88% saying it is easy to recycle and 84% seeing it as less wasteful than other packaging like plastic or foam. These qualities can be advertised or enhanced with print and texture.

Print & Texture

Paperboard is very easy to print on compared to other common packaging materials. This provides huge benefits when it comes to branding and information. Packages can be glossy, matte, or a specialty finish such as Spot UV and Lamination that has a high shine effect and creates texture, elegant, and classic look.

 Holograms are even an option.

The texture of a package is equally important. Paperboard has a quality that most people associate with being artisanal or hand-crafted (69%). However, consumers use not only their eyes, but also their sense of touch when making a buying decision. There are many kinds of texture options available, like embossing, debossing, foil stamping.

Physical Structure

Additionally, a package also has a visual appeal through its structural design. Packaging can be made square, rectangle, hexagonal, triangular, pyramidal circular, domed and elliptical. Another aspect of structure design is the features that a package includes. This could be openings, closures, handles, windows, platforms to support the product and more.


All of these elements contribute to communicating your brand. While there are countless design choices available, whatever you choose will make a statement about your brand. It is vital to design your packaging in a way that is consistent with how you want to express your company and values. Packaging does not only protect and transport your product, it also markets your product and your company. A well-integrated packaging design will reinforce brand recognition, which can help build consumer trust and encourage repeat customers.

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