The Travel Tray: Adapting to Meet School Needs during the Pandemic

February 22, 2021

Over the past year, the food service industry has been faced with major challenges due to the pandemic. This can be seen in change in meal service programs in schools and universities. Cafeterias have limited or no seating options. Serving meals to go is common. Some children now eat during their lessons.

This has caused food service teams to change how they do meal planning, prepping and serving, and among these, packaging plays a crucial role.

Some schools have moved away from reusable tableware, needing to switch to disposable options. Other schools that already used disposable tableware now need food packaging designed for transportation. In all cases, it is important that these food service solutions work for grab and go situations. Schools needed packaging that is sturdy enough to carry the food out of the cafeteria. They also needed to keep each individual meal covered and safe, to help avoid the spread of the virus.

Many schools have used our iconic trays for years, as well as our lunch trays. However, the challenges the pandemic caused meant they could no longer use the them for serving meals. They needed a safe, transportable option. We took this opportunity to incorporate a snapping lid into our iconic tray design, and so developed a new product: The Travel Tray.

The Travel Tray provides the same ease of use benefits as our regular tray, but can also be covered, stacked and transported. Schools can now continue to use the trays they are used to, adapted for the current delivery and food safety needs. The Travel Tray is also an environmentally friendly option over plastic or foam containers.

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