The Versatility of Molded Fiber

October 29, 2020

Molded fiber is made from different fibrous substances, like recycled paper, cardboard or other natural fibers, such as sugarcane, wheat straw, bamboo or trees. It is used in a wide variety of industries, including the food industry, horticulture, manufacturing, and medical.

Molded Fiber is formed to shape and cured, which means it can take any shape designable. This creates a huge range of uses across most industries. Some well-known uses include packing/shipment protection, tableware, and food containers.

Here are some less known, inventive uses of molded fiber:

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Ecologic Brands, Inc has come up with a clever bottle design. They are made out of a robust molded fiber shell and a thin interior plastic pouch. The molded fiber is made out of recycled cardboard and newspaper and the pouch is recyclable and uses up to 70% less plastic when compared to rigid plastic HDPE bottles. This design is not only clever, but very environmentally friendly. The exterior shell can be recycled or composted, and the #4 plastic pouch is recyclable with plastic grocery bags.

Image from James Cropper PLC
Image from James Cropper PLC

High-End Packaging

The appearance of a package affects how consumes value the product. Molded fiber egg cartons may not be very eye catching, but molded fiber can be made to suit some high end packaging needs. It can be dyed any color, have a solid structure, and be soft to the touch. The clean, sharp appearance can rival glossy plastic. It can communicate reliability and elegance. Here are some examples of some beautiful molded fiber packaging solutions.

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Designers Dan Hochberg and Odelia Lavie came up with a series furniture pieces modeled after egg cartons. While it might not be everyone’s style, it makes a statement. Molded fiber is surprisingly sturdy. Combined with it being relatively inexpensive, it is possible to create some unique and cost effective furniture solutions. With its form versatility, there is a lot of potential for custom solutions also.

The versatility of molded fiber is apparent, but why use it over plastic? These designs not only are inventive, but also introduce more environmentally friendly options into the market. Consumers today are more mindful of the impact our products have on the earth. Using renewable resources (fiber) over non-renewable ones (plastic), affords better resources in the future. Using the most environmentally friendly packaging possible encourages a cleaner earth for future generations.

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