Why Tamper Evidence in Packaging will Remain Important

August 04, 2021

Tampering with packaged food has always been a problem. The growth of third-party delivery services in recent years has highlighted this problem. Not only have drivers tampered with food meant for customers, when customers find out their meal has been touched, they blame the restaurant, not the third-party delivery service. As written about in this post, SCT’s Innovation team developed Guarantab, a tamper evident food container designed specifically to address this issue.

A tamper evident package gives your customers peace of mind when they receive it and see no one has accessed their food. It also gives the restaurant owner peace of mind that their brand won’t be wrongfully blamed when third parties do tamper with a customer’s meal. Additionally, tamper evident packaging improves customer- to-restaurant owner relations, as using tamper evident packaging shows customers that the restaurant cares about their food safety and dining experience. A US FOODS study shows, this is something a high majority of customers want.

Third party delivery services brought food safety to the forefront of news. Covid-19 kept it there. Because of how the corona virus forced people to think about cleanliness and sanitation, consumers are aware of food safety and contamination more than ever before.

Concern for food safety and personal well-being is not going away, which means creating tamper evident packaging is not either. Manufacturers will need to continue to develop tamper evident packaging that ensures not only cost-effective solutions for business owners, but safety for the public as well.