*NEW* ChampTray

Item # 0124

Introducing SCT’s *NEW* ChampTray!

Our ChampTray is a fully automatic four-cup stadium tray with a patent-pending innovative design. Its cleverly created flanges securely hold 32, 20, or 16 oz. drinks, or use it with 2 cups and one #300 food tray or two #100 food trays! 

The ChampTray is perfect for when you need something sturdy, reliable, and customizable for your needs.

Item Length: 9.25 "
Item Width: 8.5 "
Item Depth: 3.25 "
Pack: 225
Board Type: Kraft Paperboard
UPC: 707282345675
Case Weight: 35.50 lbs
Case Length: 23.375 "
Case Width: 15.875 "
Case Height: 10.25 "
Case Cube: 2.67 ft3
Ti-Hi: 3-4

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