Culture with Impact

Author: Southern Champion Tray

We aim to be a thriving culture of engaged individuals intentionally impacting our families, work, and communities.

Serving customers, valuing people, and glorifying God are the pillars of Southern Champion Tray’s (SCT) Mission and what drives our culture. We hope our culture impacts our customers, team members (and their families), suppliers, and the communities in which we have facilities (Chattanooga, Tennessee, Fairfield, Ohio, and Mansfield, Texas).

One of the ways we seek for our culture to impact each of those entities is by providing opportunities to give back to our communities, both corporately and as team members. As a company, we strive to give 10% of our profits to non-profit ministries and organizations throughout the world. We also believe it is important for the men and women who serve on the SCT Team to be able to serve and give back to local organizations, with the hope that SCT becomes “a thriving culture of engaged individuals intentionally impacting their families, work, and communities.”

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