Mansfield Makeover & Digital Symposium

Taking SCT Beyond 90 Years

Southern Champion is committed to being a driving force in the paperboard packaging industry. Here's a look at what we did to prove it.

August 10, 2017 is a historical date for Southern Champion Tray (SCT). SCT team members, together with a large contingent of customers, suppliers, and community leaders, celebrated the completion of a multi-year, multi-million dollar expansion and renovation at our Mansfield, TX location. The project included the addition of new, state-of-the-art converting equipment, installation of LED/UV offset print technology, and showcased the acquisition of a Hewlett-Packard Indigo 30000 Digital Press, cutting-edge printing technology, one of only 50 such installations worldwide.

This expansion adds 25,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a complete makeover of the office space, and includes SCT Creative, a creative design space for customer collaboration that will focus on the consumer experience.

In March of this year, we celebrated our 90th anniversary, so the theme of the Mansfield event was “Beyond 90; The Future is Now”.

And this expansion states clearly that we are investing for the future. During remarks, John Zeiser, CEO, took time to thank the our customers and suppliers, some of whom have relationships with SCT that stretch back for decades. He also expressed appreciation to the Mansfield community and city government for their support over the years. Special note was made of the SCT staff who have done a great job serving customers during the yearlong renovation project. Zeiser reminded guests of the company’s mission: “We exist to serve customers through great packaging and distinctive service in ways that value people and glorify God. We’re thankful to God for 90 years of growth and we look forward to continuing to grow in Mansfield.”

Brian Hunt, COO, said, “We view ourselves as 90 years young! Southern Champion invested in this cutting-edge technology to offer our customers new solutions for a rapidly changing consumer market. This investment equips them to be a distinctive national solutions provider, and is a tribute to the outstanding Mansfield team who have done such a great job of adding value to our customers.”

At SCT, we now have unique capabilities to help customers solve promotional and supply chain challenges for every phase of the product life-cycle, including the ability to cost-effectively produce short runs to eliminate product obsolescence and reduce cycle time to market; personalize product for local, regional or individual consumer experience; and produce real time mock-ups or prototypes. “The marketplace is changing at an accelerating pace. Consumers respond to new experiences. The addition of the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press is technology that empowers our customers to uniquely position their product for the optimal consumer experience,” says John Simpson, General Manager of the facility.

Some of the products produced by our Mansfield plant manufactures can be seen in retail locations such as Target, Home Depot, Walmart, Costco and your local grocer. We currently employ more than 100 team members and plan to add a third shift over the next year, creating a number of new positions.

SCT's HP 30000 Digital Press in the newly constructed Digital Press Room
SCT Representatives and Mansfield Community Officials
SCT COO: Brian Hunt, CFO:  Bob Marshall, and CSO: George Coogan
Customers, suppliers, and community officials on a tour of the plant.