Box Styles

Corners & Closures

Southern Champion Tray has over 30 styles of paperboard boxes with various corner styles and closures to meet your packaging needs. From food service to bakery packaging, custom box design and printing, Southern Champion Tray offers a multitude of paperboard packaging options and innovations.


General Information and Use:

  • Our locks are unique to SCT, and some have patents and patents pending.
  • Most of our boxes can be microwaved to heat things up for short periods of time, however, glued flaps may unglue under heat.
  • Our boxes are not specifically designed for cooking or for all storage or freezing applications. All can be refrigerated for short periods. 
  • For easiest way to assemble, be sure to pre-fold/crease boxes first.   
  • Utility: Boxes often used for retail items in addition to bakery. Our Utility Boxes are food grade approved. 


How to Measure a Box:

Measure the outside of the box: 1) left to right; 2) front to back; 3) depth/height.


Types and Assembly:

  • Lock corner: Corners are unglued, requires box to be folded and tabs inserted for assembly.
  • Automatic: Has glued corners, comes folded flat. Requires no assembly and pops upright when opened for quick loading.
  • Beers: Automatic box with a solid bottom panel. 6-corner, all glued; 4-corner, two bottom corners are left unglued for easy loading.
  • Hinged Back: A 4-corner beers box with unglued corners at the back bottom of the box to allow for easy loading.
  • Himes: Automatic box with a 4-panel bottom that creates a firm box with a quick pop-open feature.
  • Tuck Top: Single panel lid that closes by tucking flap inside panel of box.
  • Fast Top: Double panel lid that closes by pulling down side wings, designed for quick handling.
  • Fold up Sides: Sides fold up, no top.
  • Full Telescoping: Lid with 4 side panels that cover all side panels of the box bottom. Adds strength for stacking or adjusting the height of the box.
  • Clamshell: All sides are pre-glued and come nested. Just fold over the top and lock front tab.
  • Fast Lock (drink carriers): Open, then pull flaps out of sides, pull down and insert into locks.
  • Inverted tabs (4 cup drink carrier): Tabs push inward, to allow for a smaller cup to be secured.
  • Patented Fold down/lock up Barn Closure: folds down flat to stack as a box, or pull up and lock for barn structure with handle.
  • Front load: Load in contents from the front.
  • Pop Up: Lift box in a swift upward position to assemble and lock.