Materials & Substrates

What Are SCT's Products Made Of?

To put it simply, Southern Champion Tray's products are made from various paperboard available in white, pink or kraft color.  There are a multitude of different ways paperboard can be structured, depending upon the product and its final use.  The materials SCT chooses are the best quality and fit for our sustainability model in service to the environment.

The materials and substrates (composite of paperboard materials) we use varies, depending upon many factors.  Together with our customers, we determine the final use of the product as the benchmark, and consider such things as strength, thickness, food grade, coatings, printable or plain, and recyclability and compostability, as well as several other application analyses.

Here are our main materials/substrates abbreviations and definitions we use to produce our packaging for you:

CCK - Clay Coated Kraft: Virgin paperboard that is not bleached. Has one white side that has been clay coated for durability and printability, and a Kraft brown side. Also known as Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK).

CRB - Coated Recycle Board: Produced with 100% recycled paperboard. Has one white side that has been clay coated for durability and printability, an unbleached side. Also known as Clay Coated Recycle Board (CCRB).

Kraft: Made from virgin, unbleached paperboard. Brown on both sides.

SBS - Solid Bleached Sulfate: Premium paperboard produced with virgin bleached wood pulp. White on both sides. Typically clay coated for added durability and printability.

URB - Uncoated Recycle Board: Uncoated board made from recycled paper, usually brown in color. Generally contains post-consumer waste. Also known as Bending Chipboard (BC).