#1000 (10 lb.) Southland Food Tray

Item # 0433

Our iconic #1000 (10 lb.) Southland Red Check Food Tray is perfect for just about anything. Use it for hot or cold foods, sides, hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, tater tots, salads, pastas, etc. There are simply endless uses!

This item comes in a pack of 250 (2 sleeves of 125).

Our trays are also easy to stack and store and require no assembly.

*The length and width dimensions are measured from the bottom of the food tray.

Item Length: 9.844 "
Item Width: 6.969 "
Item Depth: 3.125 "
Pack: 250
Board Type: White Paperboard
UPC: 0707282004336
Case Weight: 14 lbs
Case Length: 15.875 "
Case Width: 13.375 "
Case Height: 11.5 "
Case Cube: 1.41 ft3
Ti-Hi: 9-5

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