Hot Dog Clamshell

Item # 0713

Our White Hot Dog Clamshell is a rectangular, single-use, clamshell for hot and cold foods. It can hold a variety of items, including hot dogs, hoagies, or fries. Made with a locking tab on the lid to help keep food from spilling it is the perfect container for so many needs!

*The length and width dimensions are measured from the bottom of the Clamshell.

Item Length: 6.125 "
Item Width: 2.125 "
Item Depth: 2.25 "
Pack: 500
Board Type: White Paperboard
UPC: 0707282007139
Case Weight: 17 lbs
Case Length: 15.875 "
Case Width: 12.75 "
Case Height: 14.125 "
Case Cube: 1.65 ft3
Ti-Hi: 9-3

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