Classic “Golf” ChampPak

Item # 074401

Our Printed Golf ChampPak offers a set of four unique designs in one case! There are various graphics and even some fun trivia on the different designs. These ChampPaks are perfect for golf courses, resorts, and any venue that caters to golfers. Use them for golf outings or guests at your clubhouse! The locking and ventilation features on top of each box keep food warm and fresh, but still allow for easy stacking.

ChampPak items are made from 97% renewable resources and are recyclable in the limited areas that accept post-consumer coated paperboard. Our ChampPak items are designed to meet all your carry out needs!

*The length and width dimensions are measured from the bottom of the ChampPak.


Item Length: 7.75 "
Item Width: 5.5 "
Item Depth: 3.5 "
Pack: 160
Board Type: White Paperboard
UPC: 0707282298926
Case Weight: 19 lbs
Case Length: 20.875 "
Case Width: 20.125 "
Case Height: 14.75 "
Case Cube: 3.59 ft3
Ti-Hi: 6-2

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