Choosing the Right Bakery Box

Author: Southern Champion Tray

We have all the tips for choosing the right bakery box for your delicious product!

You have spent countless hours perfecting your product and investing in your business. Now you need to find the right bakery box that represents your brand and the amazing product you have created. Below are tips to help you determine the ultimate packaging solution!

1. Determine the Box Size

When choosing the right bakery box for a CAKE, first determine what size pad you will be placing your cake on, then find the matching size package. For example: If you have a 9” cake on a 10” pad, you want to purchase a 10”x10” bakery box. To choose a proper height, add 1” to however tall your cake is.

If it is a PIE you are trying to find the right box for, be sure to choose a box that is the same size as your pie. A 9” pie will fit into a 9”x9“ box.

Finding the perfect package size for your CUPCAKES is based on how large your insert is and how many cupcakes will be placed in the box. If you have a 10”x10”, 6-count insert, place this inside a 10”x10” box.

2. Decide on the Board Material Type (substrate)

Below is a short list of some types of Board Material you might choose:

  • Kraft: Unbleached paperboard with a natural brown color on both sides.
  • SBS (Solid Bleached Sulfate): A premium paperboard that has a durable surface. SBS is white on both sides, perfect for printing.
  • CCK (Clay Coated Kraft): A natural look that is cost effective. These boxes have one white side that is clay coated for durability and printability and a brown side. Also, known as Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK).
  • CRB (Coated Recycled Board): Produced with 100% recycled paperboard. Has one white side that has been clay coated for durability and printability, plus an unbleached side. Also known as Clay Coated Recycle Board (CCRB).
  • URB (Uncoated Recycled Board): Uncoated board made from recycled paper, usually brown in color. Generally, contains post-consumer waste. Also known as Bending Chipboard (BC).

3. Do I Need a Window?

A window will allow you to pre-package your baked goods for your customers to browse. Seeing the beautiful design or fresh ingredients will showcase your sweet bakery treats!

4. Does the Box Qualify for our Small Print Program?

SCT believes in helping businesses achieve their marketing goals without breaking the bank! Learn more about our Bakery Small Print Program for lock-corner boxes.

The packaging you choose for your bakery item is a key part of your brand. We want to make sure it holds your bakery items securely, showcases the care that went into making your delicious treat, and supports your brand!

Check out all of our bakery items here.

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