8 oz. Food Container Combo Pack

Item # 034008CPW

Make it easy and get the Hot/Cold Container Combo Pack. Our secure, microwavable, and moisture-resistant containers and lids now come packaged together!
Combo packs consist of 250 containers and lids (50 containers per sleeve /25 lids per sleeve). Each container can hold food ranging from 32º F – 212º F (0 º C – 100 º C).

Capacity: 8 fl oz
Pack: 250
Board Type: White Paperboard
UPC: 0707282314060
Case Weight: 19 lbs
Case Length: 19.9 "
Case Width: 16.3 "
Case Height: 15.75 "
Case Cube: 2.96 ft3
Ti-Hi: 7-2

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