You Inspire Us. That’s Why We Champion You.

Discover a culture that’s built around valuing people for both their passion and their potential.

Our Culture

Be You. Be Supported. Belong.

Welcome to SCT. Here you’ll meet people who have been part of our family for over 40 years. Talk to them and they’ll tell you about their parents who were here for 40 years before them. They stay because they feel like their hard work and talents are appreciated.

If we’re a place filled with dedication, we’re also one dedicated to transformation. We welcome new talent to help our business grow—and even though we’re constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of packaging and sustainability, our commitment to our values never wavers.

Proud to be built on Christian beliefs and principles, we live these daily in our work—but we don’t use them to exclude. All people are welcome here, regardless of their faith.

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Our Values

Well Lived. Well Loved.

We strive to follow Christian morals and Biblically-based principles. All jobs at Southern Champion Tray require team members to act in accordance with our shared core values and operating principles as they perform specific job functions. These include:


We strive for our actions to match our words in all our relationships.


We enable and empower our team to serve the needs of customers, team members, suppliers, and the community.


We aim to build healthy relationships while fostering an environment that promotes compassion, balance, and personal and professional growth.


We value strategic insourcing, first looking to create solutions internally, and then looking to apply that knowledge to future opportunities.

These are our values, which reflect our value of people. By taking great care of all of our team members, we know they also take good care of our customers. It’s a circle of care that begins from within and reaches far, far out.