Pink Bakery Box

Item # 0887

Non-Window Bakery boxes are each one-piece with an attached tuck-in lid and can be used to hold and carry a variety of baked goods, such as cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. The lock corners facilitate assembly and enable the box to be folded flat for storage or transport. The clay-coated exterior can be custom printed with a logo or a business name.

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Item Length: 12 "
Item Width: 12 "
Item Depth: 5 "
Pack: 100
Board Type: Pink Paperboard
UPC: 0707282008877
Case Weight: 45 lbs
Case Length: 35 "
Case Width: 22 "
Case Height: 2.4 "
Case Cube: 1.07 ft3
Ti-Hi: 2-16

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