Automatic Donut Box

Item # 1204

One-piece Automatic Donut Boxes are suitable for a variety of items, not just donuts. You could also place assorted pastries, croissants, cookies, or those extra special holiday treats inside this versatile box! Plus, they require very little assembly and can be a great addition to a fast-paced bakery.

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Item Length: 9 "
Item Width: 9 "
Item Depth: 2.5 "
Pack: 150
Board Type: White/Kraft Paperboard
UPC: 0707282216876
Case Weight: 26 lbs
Case Length: 24.875 "
Case Width: 13.875 "
Case Height: 9.75 "
Case Cube: 1.95 ft3
Ti-Hi: 6-5

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