Automatic Donut Tray

Item # 1250

Automatic donut trays make assembly easy! If your business thrives on speed, this could be the best solution. The boxes can be stored or transported flat. Then when you are ready, you simply pull it open.

Use the automatic donut trays for donuts, or any type of pastry, wrapped sandwiches, wrapped tacos, or even to display a variety of snacks.

Item Length: 13.5 "
Item Width: 9 "
Item Depth: 3 "
Pack: 250
Board Type: Kraft Paperboard
UPC: 0707282012508
Case Weight: 35 lbs
Case Length: 20.375 "
Case Width: 14.875 "
Case Height: 18.75 "
Case Cube: 3.29 ft3
Ti-Hi: 6-2

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