Windowed Personal Pan Pizza

Item # 07C1109

Introducing SCT’s *NEW* Windowed Personal Pan Pizza Box! This micro-flute corrugate box provides both strength and beauty, allowing your customers to see the delicious pie you have prepared. It is also recyclable once the window film has been removed.

Easily stack until ready to use and securely close with a lid lock. You can’t go wrong with our new personal pan pizza box!

*The length and width dimensions are measured from the bottom of the Pizza Box.


Item Length: 6.5 "
Item Width: 6.5 "
Item Depth: 2 "
Pack: 200
Board Type: Corrugated
UPC: 707282340434
Case Weight: 14.5 lbs
Case Length: 11.5 "
Case Width: 15.7 "
Case Height: 21.3 "
Case Cube: 3.19 ft3
Ti-Hi: 20-5

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