Mansfield Mission Center

Author: Southern Champion Tray

Team members from our Mansfield, Texas location volunteer with Mansfield Mission, a local non-profit supporting individuals’ mental, relational, and spiritual well-being.

Since 1979, and under different names, the Mansfield Mission Center “provides pathways to healthy and purposeful lives” for the broader community of Mansfield, Texas. They focus on the physical, mental, relational, and spiritual wellbeing of each person. We are grateful for the significant impact they are having in Mansfield and to have been able to support them financially and by our team members giving of their time and talents through board leadership and service projects.

In 2023, we were honored to be able to contribute to the building of the John and Debbie Simpson Financial Wellbeing Center, in honor of SCT Mansfield’s retired General Manager, John Simpson, and his bride, Debbie, both of whom served at the Mission Center.

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