SUSTAINABILITY: Produce, Use, Recycle

From beginning to end, paperboard packaging is among the most environmentally friendly resources.

Paperboard packaging reduces waste in landfills and toxic materials in the manufacturing process. The trees that are used to make paper are crops, grown in certified tree farms where they are planted, harvested, and replanted for use in packaging, paper, and other disposable products. 

  • Almost all paperboard comes from certified farms which plant, harvest, and replant trees specifically for the paper industry.
  • For every tree harvested from a managed tree farm, five more are planted.
  • There are 1.7 million trees planted every day!

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Our products are made from paperboard, which is recyclable. Many of our products are compostable in municipal composting facilities. Our goal is to encourage sustainable outcomes for our products. We are continually working to improve our products’ environmental impact and educate consumers on living sustainably. The next few pages describe these eco-friendly efforts. 


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We carefully monitor the use of materials at every stage of our manufacturing process. From concept to finished goods, we create products based on the needs of your item, while keeping in mind the environmental effects of our processes and materials. We provide The Complete Package™ for you.

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Consistent, innovative, high quality packaging produced through a process which conserves energy and resources wherever possible - that's what you can expect from Southern Champion Tray. Learn more about our efforts to preserve mother nature through our process, below. 

*Only applies to Mansfield, TX operations. 

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Over 200 of our stock products are Cedar Grove Accepted, meaning they are composed of straight paper or wood fiber, have passed ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868 standards of biodegradability, or pass a substrate technical review or field disintegration test. 

SFI certifies that we buy wood and paper products from a responsible source, backed by a rigorous, third-party certification audit for chain of custody authenticity.*

With a G7 Master Printer Certification, we provide consistent color matching with each production run.*

The International Organization for Standardization certifies that each of our processes, systems, and procedures meet the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.*

This agreement with Customs and Border Protections identifies our products as low risk and reduces time to ship internationally.

The BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials is a leading program for the certification of packaging used in food production and consumer products, including cosmetics, toiletries, clothing, homeware, etc.


*applies only for Mansfield, TX operations

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CCK - Clay Coated Kraft

Virgin paperboard that is not bleached. Has one white side, that has been clay coated for durability and printability, and a Kraft brown side. Also known as Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK).

CRB - Coated Recycle Board

Produced with 100% recycled paperboard. Has one white side, that has been clay coated for durability and printability, and an unbleached side. Also known as Clay Coated Recycle Board (CCRB). 


Made from virgin, unbleached paperboard. Brown on both sides. 

SBS - Solid Bleached Sulfate

Premium paperboard produced with virgin bleached wood pulp. White on both sides. Typically clay-coated for added durability and printability.

URB - Uncoated Recycle Board

Uncoated board made from recycled paper, usually brown in color. Generally contains post consumer waste. Also known as Bending Chipboard (BC).

*Most paperboard contains some recycled content. 

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