SUSTAINABILITY: Produce, Use, Recycle

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At Southern Champion Tray, we seek to operate in a sustainable manner – in our manufacturing process, in the products we produce, and in the people we invest in.



From sourcing materials to producing product, we aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.



Making our products from fiber-based materials means that they are easily recyclable and often compostable. Several products are also made from recycled board. We are continually working to improve our products' environmental impact and educate customers on choosing sustainability.


Why Paperboard?
Paperboard is a renewable resource. Tree crops are grown in certified tree farms where they are planted, harvested, and replanted for use in packaging, paper, and other disposable products. Recycling or composting paperboard packaging reduces non-renewable packaging waste that would otherwise be sitting in landfills. Almost all paperboard comes from certified farms which plant, harvest, and replant trees specifically for the paper industry. For every tree harvested from a managed tree farm, five more are planted. There are 1.7 million trees planted every day!*

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**Whittle, Amy A. “Composting vs. Recycling.” Home Guides | SF Gate,

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*applies only for Mansfield, TX operations

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We believe in giving back generously is an important part of sustaining the community around us. For us, that looks like serving on community projects and boards, working wtih business leaders to improve the local business environment, teaching sustainability in local elementary schools through programs like TICCIT, and partnering with charities such as United Way. 


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