Sustainable SCT

Our Green Initiative: Sustainability Stewardship

Sustainability: Produce, Use, Recycle


Southern Champion Tray's products are made from paperboard, which is recyclable.  Many of our products are compostable in municipal composting facilities.

Our Green Initiative provides the best sustainable outcome and most positive environmental impact of each and every SCT product.     

We strive to keep these initiatives top of mind in everything we do.


Recyclable vs. Compostable:



Recycling converts manufactured waste into a new use by breaking down the product into raw materials and reusing them to create something new or different. Less energy is required to create products made from recycled materials, rather than new materials being used for the first time.*



Composting turns organic waste into a useful product to help grow plants or act as soil amendments. Since paperboard comes from a natural source, it can be composted back into its most natural state.*


BPI Compostable

Our ChampWare products are BPI certified, which means they have passed this extensive testing for biodegradation, disintegration, and phototoxicity.


Cedar Grove Accepted

Over 200 of our stock products are Cedar Grove Accepted, which means they are composed of straight paper or wood fiber and have passed ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868 standards of biodegradability, or have passed a substrate technical review or field disintegration test.


*SF Gate.

Most products Southern Champion Tray produces are in compliance with one or more of the following Sustainability Classifications:


To view a full listing of our products that comply with the Sustainability Classifications, please see our Sustainability Matrix.