2022 PPSA “Safety Innovator Award”

Author: Southern Champion Tray

This hard-working team brought home the “Safety Innovator Award” at the PPSA Annual Conference!

The Pulp and Paper Safety Association (PPSA) held its 2023 annual conference where safety professionals from across the county gather to learn, connect, and be inspired.

A highlight of this event is the Safety Innovation Awards. This year there were five finalists from across the paper and pulp manufacturing industry. Submissions covered a range of safety initiatives with positive impacts for each company and its people.

Southern Champion Tray was proud to be one of those five finalists with our Tray Arbor Safety Latch. The latch was created after identifying a safety issue with how the tray machine rolls were mounted, causing several near-miss safety events. The response team consisted of: operators, maintenance, engineering, safety, and continuous improvement. The cross-departmental team used the A3 process to collect data, research, design, and gain internal approval for their Tray Arbor Latch.

The result is a simple, fail-proof, in-house safety latch.

We are very proud of this hard-working team that created something installed on all of our tray machines; and that ensures the safety of SCT’s most valuable asset – our people.  

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