Coffee Carafe

Item # 0194

Our On-the-Go Beverage Carafe holds hot or cold beverages and helps set your product apart with a classic print. Our patented bottle-in-a-box design is stylish and functional, keeping hot liquids hot longer! Sturdy inset handle provides better grip for carrying and pouring, while keeping your hands safely away from hot contents.

Item Length: 5.75 "
Item Width: 5.75 "
Item Depth: 11.875 "
Pack: 4
Board Type: Corrugated
UPC: 0707282289672
Case Weight: 3 lbs
Case Length: 12 "
Case Width: 12 "
Case Height: 12.5 "
Case Cube: 1.04 ft3
Ti-Hi: 12-4

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