The Sustainability of Our Materials

Author: Southern Champion Tray

With sustainability in mind, Southern Champion Tray offers a variety of fiber-based products.

At SCT, we understand the importance of creating eco-friendly disposable packaging. That’s why we strive to use the best materials possible. For us, that means using fiber-based products.

Fiber-based products come from crops like trees, bamboo, or wheat, and so are a renewable resource that can be sustainably farmed forever.

Materials we use:


We use many types of paperboard substrates, like Kraft, SBS, CCK, CRB and URB. Paperboard is a great material for sustainable packaging as it provides strong structure, yet can be easily recycled and even composted, with no need to separate out substrate types.

Molded Fiber

Molded fiber is another excellent material for disposable packaging and tableware. Since it is made out of all natural, fibrous material, molded fiber is completely recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, and incinerator friendly. It also can be created from recycled material! In the manufacturing process, both the fiber and water used can be recycled and reused in the future, resulting in almost zero waste.

Corrugated Board

Corrugated cardboard is used in our catering line, pizza boxes and circles, cake circles and pads and our product cases. Being commonly made out of kraft board, corrugated products are easily recyclable. Corrugated board is made up to 50% recycled material, so it is a very reusable and environmentally friendly resource.


Because of the difficulty in recycling and composting plastic compared to paperboard, we use a little as possible in production. In products where we do use it, we do our best to use recyclable plastic. Examples of our use of plastic include windowed bakery boxes, windowed pizza boxes, and lids for our hot/cold cup containers.

All stock products we manufacture are recyclable, with the exception of our bright white and gold cake circles and pads, as well as window film.

Glues and Inks

Most all our offset inks are a vegetable based, low migration paste lithographic ink. All our flexo inks are water based, which is much more environmentally friendly than solvent inks. All our coating are water based and our color glue is also a water based adhesive.

All stock products we manufacture are recyclable, with the exception of our bright white and gold cake circles and pads, as well as window film.

All of our products are compostable where facilities exist, with the exception of champpaks, corrugated products, bright white and gold cake circles and pads.

We believe sustainability is important and are always looking for ways to made our products better for the environment. If you would like to see the variety of sustainable products we offer, browse our catalog.

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